“Occupations” are the everyday things we do that “occupy” our days. The things we want, need or are expected to do as an individual, part of a family group and/or as part of the community.

For a whole range of reasons, some kids can find it hard to do the things they want or need to do. A child’s “occupations” vary according to their age and stage of development, the context of their family and their community.

Children may experience difficulty with some or many of the skills these roles require. This is where OT can help! We work with you to decide what your child needs/wants/is expected to do, what specific aspects they are finding difficult, why these areas are presenting a challenge and, most importantly, strategies to overcome these challenges.

How we strengthen connections?

We use a relationship-based approach that recognises the importance of the significant relationships a child has and the powerful therapeutic opportunities to develop skills in the context of strong connections and relationships.

We work from a range of evidence based approaches that hold connection and relationship central in all work with children and families.

Why do we use play?

We take play seriously! We know that play is a seriously powerful tool for supporting children to engage and connect, to learn about themselves and the world around them and to develop skills across all areas. We also know play is seriously fun!

We are truly play based in all that we do – from our playful interactions, to our creative spaces for play and range of play based assessment and intervention tools, resources and practical advice to bring back the play in every child (and adult’s) life!

How do we support independence?

We look at independence broadly. We work with kids to help them be more independent in things that matter to them. This brings a feeling of self-efficacy and sense of accomplishment.

We also support your independence! We coach and support you to be able to have at hand the knowledge and ability to meet your child’s needs independently – without specialist supports!

What does participation mean?

Participation is our ultimate goal! We want your child to be an active part of their family, their peer group and their community.

We work with your child and the adults that help them to find out how we can support them to be involved in the things that interest them and once we get them involved, we step back and let them do it all by themselves – confident they are connected and engaged ‘kids doing the things that make them happy!

Fees & Rebates

We operate under a single simplistic fee structure for everyone accessing our services regardless of funding or referral source. We really do keep it simple!

We are registered providers for a number of Government programs. For information about our fees and the numerous rebate options that may be available, please contact our office and we can discuss this further.

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