Group Programs

Supercharge learning in Term 1

Term one is all about settling into a new year and for some of you starting school for the first time!! We also know that it is also a great time to supercharge some learning for those of you ready to get going with group programs straight away!! So this year we are offering some timely groups for those school aged kids looking for an early burst of group based fun and learning!

For those of you just starting school, just getting started with therapy, or wanting to settle into school – don’t be concerned – we will have some other opportunities coming up later in the term and a very full group program in term two as well!

For our kiddies under school age – let us know if you are keen to get involved in some group programs and we will start rolling these out in March 2021. Register your interest by emailing us at

Registrations are only able to be made through our online booking forms and will remain open until 3/2/21 and places are limited so get in quick!!

Book Term 1 Group Programs